Harro M. Wiersma

Data Strategy, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Chief Data Officer, Consulting Services

Consulting & Approach

Harro works with clients with varying challenges from data strategy to realization of technological solutions. Whether your organization has just stepped onto a data journey or needs to move to the next level, he supports you on your data and digital transformation journey. Harro delivers high-value results by bringing together the best team, deep industry knowledge, hands-on technical experience, functional expertise, and a client-first driven mindset.

Value Centric Approach

Following the agile "5 E's Approach", we set out on a journey of Global Data Governance and Information Management evolution to:
- Engage in understanding your data-driven needs
- Evaluate business priorities and road map a way forward
- Evidence what your data-driven future could like
- Establish your organisation's concrete case for data-driven change
- Execute delivery of targeted business value projects and initiatives on your data-driven road-map

Together we iteratively explore and balance what is:
- Functionally and operationally reasonable
- Technologically feasible and
- Financially viable

To incrementally deliver a pragmatic, relevant, and operable Data and Information Management Practice.

About Me

For over 20 years, I have been helping many of the worlds largest organisations to release the value of their data, enabling business leaders to make strategic executive decisions. I have a natural ability to use divers and complex data sets to solve real-world business issues. I have built award-winning teams of experts that tackle complex data problems using the latest and greatest in data services.

I manage teams of talented data and strategy experts as they engage with our stakeholders in every stage of their data journey. From data strategists who conceptualise the flow and use of data to data engineers who build diverse platform solutions to data scientists who perform robust analytics and extract insights.

My in-depth expertise with platform agnostic data strategy and business intelligence design & development coupled with my business and program management acumen have consistently allowed me to deliver industry-leading solutions. Beyond these core expertises, I enjoy looking for creative solutions to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Public Speaking, Key Notes & Event Moderation

With over 50 public speaking opportunities in the last 10 years I will deliver an engaging talk, binding the public to the relevant topics. As a day-moderator I will combine and interact with the diffrent speakers - to ensure all participants will keep motivated

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"Don't screw up your business insights." - 15 ways how not to use your data.

My first business book - available from October 2022 onwards on Amazon.

Contact Details:

Harro Wiersma Smart Consulting

Harro M. Wiersma M.Sc.

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tel CH: +41 79 878 01 13
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tel FR: +33 7 6928 31 12
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web: www.harro.ch

Private Entrepreneur / Einzelfirma
Corporate Registration Number CHE-411.262.291

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